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DevilDog's Innovative Solutions

DevilDog specializes in creating robust cybersecurity solutions that are turnkey. We offer a complete suite of customized security solutions from start to finish. Our solutions are cost-effective and can be expedited depending on your timeline.

DevilDog’s customized solutions include vulnerability assessments, scanning, pen testing, managed services, compliance audits, authentication and cloud security solutions. In addition, we can develop a dynamic cyber security program that can manage your complete infrastructure. This includes 24/7 monitoring or a custom cloud solution that meets top regulatory standards.

The DevilDog Compliance Group

Compliance regulations can be daunting, and many companies do not know where to start. The DevilDog Compliance Group is comprised of subject matter experts with a large depth of knowledge in cybersecurity compliance. Our team understands government regulations and knows exactly what your firm will need to maintain government compliance. We can help create policy, document procedures and implement processes to meet all regulatory standards. DevilDog excels at walking you through each step of the regulatory process to prepare your company to pass any assessment.

Proactive Security Training

90% of cyber attacks are caused by human error or behavior. Employee training is a critical component of cybersecurity for any organization. DevilDog has developed training programs to streamline this process.  

Our training programs are customized and can be implemented live, onsite or through a series of webinars. Each of our training modules concludes with an assessment to certify knowledge retention. Our training programs are through, and will prepare your staff to be compliant with all relevant cybersecurity regulations. Our seminars
encompass best practices, phishing campaigns, social engineering, threat awareness, malware, physical security, and more.

The DevilDog Experience

A high-touch experience is the hallmark of a partnership with DevilDog. This is how it begins:

Step 1:

Free Vulnerability Assessment

A partnership with DevilDog begins with a vulnerability assessment to find any holes in your IT infrastructure including all DNA (Databases, Networks and Applications).

The Gap Analysis Report gives clients a step-by-step roadmap to compliance and addresses all current pressing issues in your cybersecurity. This report shows you where your company’s cybersecurity posture currently stands and how to meet regulatory standards.

Step 2:

Affordable Subscription Pricing

Partnering with DevilDog comes with an affordable subscription model. This allows companies to achieve compliance right away, and ensures that compliance is maintained throughout the entire term of the subscription. We offer a wide range of affordable solutions to secure your infrastructure and provide you with all supporting documentation.

Step 3:

Quarterly Cyber Review

Once a solution has been implemented, our clients undergo a formal Quarterly Cyber Security Review. This review is designed to ensure your continued compliance while addressing new threats, changing environments and investigates any malicious activity. This report also includes vulnerability scans at different time intervals. The report is designed to assess any activity and updates that may have occurred over the quarter.

Step 4:

Compliance in Three Months

Our solutions are fast, robust, resilient and ever-evolving to ensure your company passes any audit. DevilDog’s cybersecurity consultants first analyze your infrastructure and systems. Once the analysis is complete, we begin creating the documentation and implementing the necessary protocol to ensure that your firm is compliant ASAP.

Cybersecurity Specializations

NIST 800-171

ISO 27000 & 27001
NIST 800-53
FIPS 199 & 200
Data Privacy
SOC-Security Operations Center
Industry Leading SLA’s
24/7/365 Eyes-on-Glass Monitoring
Dedicated Security Analysts
Real-Time Threat Detection and Response
Cloud SIEM Correlation and Analytics
Security Best Practices Training
Onsite & Web Based Training
Customized Training
Cybersecurity Policy Development
Risk Management Frameworks & Policy
Documentation & Attestation    
Secure Authentication Frameworks
Secure Identity Policy Development
Multi-Factor Authentication
Single Sign On
Multi-Platform Authentication
Administrative Security Controls
Technical Security Controls
Compliance Specific Controls

DevilDog’s Mission

Our goal at DevilDog Cyber is to develop fast, affordable and robust cybersecurity solutions. DevilDog’s solutions are resilient and ever-evolving to address the constantly changing threatscape.

Our team develops custom programs that protect your critical assets for the longevity of your business. We focus on being your cybersecurity watchdog so your company can concentrate on its core business.

CMMC-AB Registered Provider


1401 Lawrence Street, Suite 1600
Denver, CO 80202                                    (800) 498-1295


Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm